Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Of Gardening, God and L'il Guys...


My son let out a joyous whoop as the skies opened; we were on our way to the garden to pick...potato bugs. ugh!! but according to the experts its the only way to get rid of them and they are destroying our potato patch. They moved in last week while we were gone. Gardening can be quite discouraging; the corn rows are lying over the bean plants so we had to hold up the plants and try to pick beans at the same time...

...but still, in spite of bugs and weeds
and other un-gardenly deeds
we dream and plant again, again
knowing we strive for moments when
we pluck the fruit of our toil
like nature's jewelry from the soil

We work to hear the young lad shout
"look at the big carrot I pulled out' watch them marvel and glimpse God
as they open their first pea-pod
or, bury faces in a bloom
or pluck the 'pretty' from its plume

And so we gladly swing the hoe
and bear the care of garden woe
because we know its payoff waits
to fill and thrill our dinner plates
A wonderland springs from the sod
Ah, gardens are a gift from God

Janet Martin

The 'little guys' I babysit are so excited to see what Janet's garden is growing. we're off to experience bare feet in mud and those ugh! potato bugs!!




  1. uggg potato bugs....
    watched your rain video twice with the girls:)
    My video on my camera doesn't work right now. I miss it.

  2. they are GROSE!!! but we got the first round picked. oh, I LOVE summer rain-storms:) but it is hard to get the laundry dried.

  3. Loved the poem and video.
    Good luck getting rid of the potato bugs...

  4. thank-you Margie. I told Matt that suddenly I'm remembering why I quit planting potatoes, but I love fresh potatoes so it will be worth it if we can save them.

  5. oops. should be GROSS! back for round two.


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