Saturday, July 26, 2014

Of Endless Letting Go

But then it drifts away
Like ducks, past outstretched piers
A flicker ‘mongst the reeds or waves
Before it disappears

A mourning-tempo bends
The reaches of her soul
She cannot clasp what living lends
And time cannot console

The hour breaks in two
Morning slips into noon
Mist-mantled seas don eyes of blue
Ere evening comes too soon

Still, she craves to endure
This aching ebb and flow
Where life unfolds the sweet allure
Of endless letting go

© Janet Martin

...back home and going through the usual withdrawal symptoms;)

The tenure of this song sort of speaks my mindset right now...coming home to acquaint ourselves with the latest horror-headlines; no one can hide away on an island, completely unscathed and unaccountable, yet the sweetness of those 'get-away' echoes spurs us on.


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