Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Love Us Still

How oft we scorn Thy nail-scarred Hand
Because we do not understand
Thy faultless thought or perfect will
Yet, oh, my Lord, You love us still

You lay before our thankless eyes
Thy glory, glimpsed in waking skies
Over the earth Thy mercies spill
For, oh my Lord, You love us still

Did ever such a love before
To hearts of everyone implore?
Your grace forgives sin’s vilest ill
Because oh Lord, you love us still

While we showcase pathetic boast
Claiming Thy throne to raise a toast
Mindless from whence life’s blessings spill
You see, yet choose to love us still

Oh, patient Father, Keeper, Friend
How oft you hear our lips pretend
While you behold the heart; evil
Yet, oh my Lord, you love us still

Then, stir in us a purer want
Greater than human nature’s taunt
So that we may Thy call fulfill
Remembering You love us still

 ...and should we gaze where footsteps slip
Return us to Thy fellowship
Pouring in us hope's glad refill
For oh my Lord, You love us still

© Janet Martin


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