Friday, May 9, 2014

Ah, May

Slowly, spring is beginning to keep its promises :) intent was to record the spring-peepers in this video but their song stopped when I showed up!

Hope wakes and tumbles from its hiding-place
In bud, first bloom and bird-song interlaced
The patch of sky where April showers wept
Is wide-eyed now and where spring over-slept
A new song stirs and tugs her from the deep
For she has many promises to keep
Of diamonds on the brook at five ‘o clock
Of daffodil to spill along the walk

Ah May, the pelting, melting day is done
Storm-wearied limbs caress the morning sun
Where she unfolds upon the pulsing bark
Leaf-song to strum the hours after dark
The happiness of dust begins with thee
Oh May, as farmers trust and plant their seed
How glorious thy youthful breeze-refrain
As earth feels like our homestead once again

May polishes the window of the sky
And we, like children laugh and almost fly
The streams that long were highways made of glass
Rush over miracles of trout and bass
As boyhood wakens in the best of men
The dream to hold a fishing rod again
And it is easy now to fill with praise
The mouth that drooped in weary winter days

Is there a morning quite as rare as May?
Her gladsome threshold fools work into play
We toil, but with spring-tide’s refurbished mirth
As May spills poetry across the earth
And we are pleased to be a humble part
Of this; awed witness to our Maker’s heart
As He brushes Time’s icy tear away
And thrills its hunger with the month of May

© Janet Martin


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