Monday, April 21, 2014

When Daylight Wakes in Honeyed Sighs...

 Day began beneath breath-taking beauty...

When daylight wakes in honeyed sighs
To ease the drape from sleeping skies
We pause, twixt leap and kneeling torn
Beneath the beauty of the morn
Before we seize the hem of grace
To face the tide of human race

Against the backdrop of its breadth
We tread our little path of earth
Of dream and dance, of moan and groan
Of disappointment’s stepping-stone
Where carnal clay and Divine meet
As fainting fear and faith compete

Dusk blushes, hushed, gentle and still
Familiar with every hill
It touches soft each croft and crest
All earth becomes a cradled nest
Blanketed blue and here we are
Held by the Keeper of each star

© Janet Martin

...before blushing away to gray and blue.


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