Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To the Woman...

To the woman who must eat her words
Served from life’s silver spoon
‘I forgive you’
Those things she vowed ‘she would never do’
She did
Too soon

To the woman who spouted inexperience first-class
Before she hit a wall
To hear the echo
Of Solomon's
Wise words
‘Pride goes before the fall’

To the woman whose firsts caught her off-guard
And whose lasts are a veiled baritone
As she stubs her nose, her toes
Hard, to learn
Disappointment is a stepping-stone

...to the woman who is the rung
On a ladder
She would scale given time
But must be the step
Instead of the dreamer
While another learns to climb

To the woman who cannot rely
Solely on what she sees
But knows
...Time is patient teacher
Without favorites
And by God’s grace she goes

© Janet Martin

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