Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stained-glass Elegy

They sit like stained-glass spectacles
Tucked in rural burgs and vales
Steeple-postcards; red, brown, gray
Where fore-fathers came to pray
As Amazing Grace rang strong
Before progress stole its song

Here Miss Betty sang off-key
Baby bounced on mother’s knee
Johnny scribbled on the pew
Mary blushed and peeked at Lou
Daddies paused from six-day test
Sabbath was a day of rest

Once upon a simpler Time
Sunday morning bore the chime
Of the tolling steeple-bell
…’Come to church or go to hell’  
Now when Sunday rolls around
Silence is its only sound
Here they sit; each village square
Has a little church somewhere
Mr. Brown still mows the lawn
Pausing to reflect upon
Friends and neighbors lying where
No one comes to pray a prayer

...and those doors that never locked
Never open; is God shocked
As He sees His house of prayer
Empty; hallmarks of despair
Like a grave among the graves
Echoing 'come, Jesus saves'
© Janet Martin 

If you come to visit St.Jacobs Ontario, Canada you will hear these bells every day at noon.They play for 10-15 minutes. I love how the guy mowing the lawn stops as soon as he realizes the bells are playing...


love, love this song by Craig Morgan...

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