Friday, April 11, 2014

Love Never Fails...


PAD challenge day 11: make a statement as your title and expand on it

Words fail; sometimes they spew twisted, black
And I wish I could have them back
My only hope for mercy hails
To Love because it never fails

Deeds fail; I blush to view my thought
Of good intention never wrought
Accomplishment for all its pain
If not for Love would be in vain

We fail; but Love is there to mend
Where other attributes pretend
This daily death to Self prevails
And satisfies; Love never fails

© Janet Martin


  1. Brearhtaking sentiment set to incredibly perfect words!

  2. thank-you:) Like the new pic too!

  3. Especially true this time of year. Short and to the point, you remind me of me. God Bless, Mike.


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