Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eventide Elegy

There are far better things ahead than anything we can leave behind. C.S.Lewis

Found the above quote at Words on Wheels. Check out Deb's beautiful and inspirational notes cards.

PAD challenge day 16: write an elegy

Love cups joy but cannot clench
Blessing-beauty; Moments wrench
Now to Then and When to Now
As our love-cups overflow

Darling, once upon a climb
We were ignorant of Time
How this thoroughfare of clocks
Gathers moments behind locks

…how love cups life’s moment-gong
Fading now in vesper-song
Pitter-patter… passion, prayer
Spills and fills our here-to-there

Darling, let’s dance soft and slow
Swift, how swift these Time-gems flow
Phantom eighth-notes gilded glide
Echoing on eventide

Hold me dear, too soon dusk-dirge
Overtakes dawn’s virgin splurge
Cup-‘o-love songs gently ride  
Breezes on the eventide

© Janet Martin

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