Thursday, April 17, 2014

Downton Abbey-hearts

PAD challenge day 17: write a pop-culture poem

Tea sipped from fine china will not take us there
Yet we curl up in England from our easy chairs
With servants, gowns and hats though liberation
Sneers now at stiffness of such tradition
We become Mary, Anna, Cora,  Lady Grantham
Because somewhere within us we understand them

We are not familiar with much of the ado
But ah, we know a Miss O’Brien or two
And the snobbery of royalty still thrives
Lust, love, greed, grief; these are life
And we, blue jean princesses could well wear their names

So we sip our tea, love our ‘Bransons’ and ‘Bates
Call our castles home, search for soul-mates
For we are all Crawleys; rich, poor, in-between
Tested with love and loss on living’s green
Centuries pass; old fashions seem strange
Yet, those things of the heart never really change

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh that is sooo good!!
    Love the song too.
    Can't wait to watch season 4 some day.
    They are us we ARE them!!

  2. yes, the writer's and actors know how to connect to us!!


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