Monday, April 21, 2014

Back to the Basics of Love

My sisters and I ,way back when; sigh...those days were as 'basic' as could be! Childhood...days of long, slow-cooked oatmeal breakfasts and forever-afternoons.

PAD Challenge day 21: write a 'back to basic' poem

Let’s get back to the basics of love
Slip out of haste’s sterilized gloves
And re-familiarize our touch
With words like ‘long’ and ‘slow’ and such

Distraction fits in pockets now
A world at restless finger-tips
Robbing romancers of a long, slow
Afternoon intent on eyes and lips

Perhaps, if I were two by two
And on my forehead was a screen
You’d touch me like you used to do
Instead of only ‘in-between’

Darling, lets get back to love’s bare facts
Seems these days way too much distracts
…the devil laughs in dings and beeps
Technology gathers its sheep

Love craves long, blue-eyed afternoons
Of slow-dances to paradise
Before we sacrificed heart-tunes
To curs-ed gadgets pocket-size

We trip over love-miracles
And God-granted ability
Of have-hold, live-laugh, touch and taste
Forgetting to just, simply. Be.

© Janet Martin

 For the most part hubby and I are still pretty old-fashioned, but I look at the next generation (yep, middle-age proof in its full glory;) and worry about how relationships will survive this gadget-age...


  1. Are you the first one on the left, Janet?
    A great photograph.

    Oh, technology...both a blessing and a curse.

    1. Amen to that last bit...I don't know how many times I've said it...I'm the one hanging onto the back:) Mom had this photo re-printed for each of us a few years ago and it is indeed special...

      here is a link to a poem from last fall approx. 40 years later:) NOT on a tricycle;0) 8 years+ a few mos. between the oldest and youngest sis.

    2. oops! here is the link!!


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