Friday, April 25, 2014

Ah, Word...

Ah word, what worlds you wield
What wonder you impart
You spill your ink-fraught yield
From fathoms of the heart

Ah, word, we trace your trove
To hear the soundless sound
Of breakers crashing on a cove
Of shoes on holy ground

…of gondolas at dusk,
Or city-streets at noon
A word can spell the colors of
The azure eyes of June

Ah, word, you whisper where
The eye a thought descries
We read, deciphering with care
What word is Truth or lies

Ah, Word, we touch Thy page
Where God’s voice changeless, sure
Proves faultless still from age to age
Its promises secure

© Janet Martin

So much to read, so many opinions, much inspiration, beauty, ugliness…

Here, in God’s Word there is no deciphering between truth and lies.

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  1. ,,,proves faultless, indeed. A beautiful ode to the Bible.


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