Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Part of Her...

The part of her that’s mother
Must cheer, rebuke and teach
She holds them close and let’s them go
But not beyond prayer’s reach

The part of her that’s daughter
Gleans from her long ago
Some memories to empathize
With present ‘yes’ and ‘no’

The part of her that’s wife
Must be passion’s pure flame
A kind and patient confidant
Lest home-fires slowly wane

The part of her that’s woman
Must have friends, dear and real
To share, over a cup of tea
Things only women feel

The part of her that’s girl
Ah, that will be the key
To living out her other roles
That life calls her to be

© Janet Martin

There are days I need to search hard to find her,that last one, then suddenly the sky is filled with snowflakes; I look up, up into the dizzy air, open my mouth to catch a flake or two, and suddenly she is there...walking in from the barn after chores, lugging a milk pail but stopping to listen to the cold and to twirl in the whirling free-fall of fantasy.

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