Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Eyes...

I am in love with you
You make my summer-heart race
Ever the moody fellow
With ponderous, beguiling face
Whether of gaze downcast
Or rugged, or scowling or blue
I can’t help myself
From falling
In love
With you…

You color the air that I breathe
The shade of your restless sighs
Broods outside my window
Until I get lost in your eyes
Then, you spill a reckless half-grin
Tease me with purple and gold
Some days a bashful urchin
And other days calloused and bold

Summer can never compete
Matador of sizzling romance
But you spill your tears at my feet
Lure me to forgive you and dance
Poet, philanderer, rogue
What is it about your eyes?
For I cannot resist you
My darling November skies

© Janet Martin

some crazily, cool sky goin' on today;)


  1. Those glorious November skies! They certainly grab our heart! We had a dusting today as well! I cannot resist either!

  2. They are truly glorious! and I love a kindred spirit;)


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