Thursday, November 14, 2013


We share a bond
You and I
We know what it is
To wander the sky
In search of a perfect word
To jot
The taste, sound, touch
Of a thought

We share a kin-ship
Unlike any other
Knit together
Like sister or brother
Because we suffer
Unlike other men
Beneath the calling
Of the pen

With ink we bleed
While others sleep
We bear the need
To dredge the deep
Not for the loot
The miser hoards
But for the fruit
Of perfect words

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh true....the perfect word....always in search of it! I was driving to work yesterday morning and wished I could have written down my thoughts! I had a start for a novel triggered by a quick trip to the shore .....

  2. (first, sorry for the multiple posts) I went to bed thinking I'll post in the morning, after trying numerous times to post last night and at my end the internet quit and I assumed it didn't post! I'm seriously thinking of quitting the blog until the internet company gets their stuff sorted out!)

    PSF, I find that too! when I'm driving it hits me; that rush of inspiration. my motto, never leave home without a pen or camera, but then one still needs the time and room to pull over...sigh. 'the others' have no idea, do they, what we go through:)?frustrating bliss! and in it there is a rush of excitement in every day!how lucky!! to be able to make 'a quick trip to the shore':)


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