Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Concealed and Revealed (Two-for-two Tuesday)

  1. Writer's Digest PAD Challenge Day 5:
  2. Write a concealed poem. Could be about a concealed weapon, concealing emotions, concealing intentions, etc. Cover it up and write about it.
  3. Write an unconcealed poem. Okay, take everything from the first prompt and uncover it. Reveal everything that’s hidden.
(okay, this attempt is a bit of a cheat;) I'd like to try for real later but we'll see. Most of what is to happen Today  is still concealed and won't be revealed until after it is done!;)

You come, concealed in a chalice of sunshine
Or in silver sparkle of rain, or dull gray
Though we may claw at your heaven-spun binding,
You remain stoic in your stance of Today

Who can unravel the thread of moment?
You are not hastened yet we cannot keep
One string as you slip from garment to garment
Ever reborn in the night while we sleep

Seraphic sparkle of mercy, your measure
Spills from the heavens to melt midnight’s veil
Who can foretell the fullness of your treasure?
Baron and beggar drink from the same grail

You come; and none can foretell your disclosure
Swathed in a raiment of hope from above
Only God sees beneath your mute composure
And He knows Today is a gift of His love

© Janet Martin


By the time we know you fully
You have softly slipped away
Lulled in the lenient beauty
Of forever’s yesterday

By the time we've stripped your pockets
And spent each breath of your worth
You've dissolved into the darkness
Over edges of the earth

Then we can peruse your fortune
As Today empties its hold
For Yesterday fills wisdom's  coffers
With what Today will unfold

© Janet Martin


  1. Heart moving, as always. I hope you win the WD contest.

  2. I appreciate your best wishes. Thank-you:)


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