Monday, October 28, 2013

Recompense of Hope

Wanton wind broods hungrily
Where June’s leaf-song used to be
Gone is summer’s sighing tress
None its season can possess
Now the street is lined with hosts
As earth claims Time’s petal-ghosts
Just as every half-breath, slipped
Into past’s eternal crypt

We are chancellors of hope
Blue wind broods on barren slope
Yet the discourse of an hour
Holds within its force, spring’s flow’r
We embrace this wondrous thing
Hope is heaven’s offering
For the brooding wind that blows
Will again kiss summer’s rose

Waiting is a hard-learned hurt
I have watched its seasons flirt
With my darling dreams, and I
Have sad and silently stood by
As they fell, like autumn’s leaf
I have suffered waiting’s grief
But within its grip I’ve learned
Happiness is hope returned

© Janet Martin

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