Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Of Autumn and Autographs

You woo and you vex
You soothe and perplex
Running rampant fingers
Across timber-tress
And all in between
Where sweet summer had been
You turn green to gold
With ambiguous caress

You gather beneath
Your cumulus wreath
Memories and moments
Of memories to come
How early your night
Snuffs the day from our sight
Where porch-lights are beacons
To welcome us home

You chuckle then weep
You arouse, lull to sleep
Seraphim slide-show
Of shadow and sun
Kissing the air
With ambivalent flare
You steal a day
That has scarcely begun

You rage then you dance
Your tempestuous romance
Teases, appeases
Persuades us to laugh
Until one day
It seems you slip away
And all we can find
Is Jack Frost’s autograph

© Janet Martin

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