Thursday, October 31, 2013


Though I tug upon your coat-tail and implore you to remain
You advance toward the exit in the color of the rain
Kindred spirits never sever though the hour may depart
You will be my love forever, sweet October of my heart
By the time these words are written you’ll be standing at the gates
Where the leaf is heavy-laden and your time-drawn carriage waits
And I know you will not see me, watching as you slip away
But I know that you will feel me in your wild and lonesome gray

You have spilled your umber palette where first gold and scarlet fell
And the ivy on the lintel weeps its tears in fond farewell
Do not hasten so my darling, grief has no expiry date
If I could I’d bolt Time’s door and softly beckon you to wait…

You have tuned my heart with laughter and with angst of letting go
You have strewn the final splendor of your robe like russet snow
And I cannot find the hem of midnight; darkness fills the air
It is still; I hear the tiptoe of November on the stair

© Janet Martin


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