Monday, October 7, 2013

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves, symbol of farewell
How is it, the heart laughs and grieves
Beneath the golden, glorious folding
Canopy of autumn leaves

Autumn leaves; but its returning
Trembles in the sky and sod
Where we plant and reap in yearning
‘Til we touch the arms of God

Autumn leaves fall; soundless, subtle
Weightless cups of memory
Scatter like life’s joy and trouble
Underneath the reaching tree

Autumn leaves; a silent journey
Stretching to winter’s unknown
Where the quadrille of life’s seasons
Draws us nearer to God’s throne

Autumn leaves; its crown of grandeur
Comforts our summer-grief
Autumn leaves in scarlet splendor
Autumn leaves in every leaf

© Janet Martin

I had a little 'cup of calm before the storm' this morning. 

5 days to wedding!

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