Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweet Hour

Sweet hour of dawn, how swift you spawn
The noon-day growing dim
A melody of reverie
Anoints the twilight hymn

Sweet hour of youth, how swift the truth
Of summer slips afar
The madrigal, keen, autumnal
Gleams in the evening star

Sweet hour of life, how swift its strife
Is sealed beneath the sod
As mortal trust returns to dust
The soul returns to God

© Janet Martin

Last night we had a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents. The parents of all my cousins attended. I say that because I don’t see them very often but I remember them when they were younger than I am now, as we went to their houses to play with beloved cousins!
They are all long past their ‘summers’ of life. But so very dear in my childhood memories!

I caught a picture of the sunrise a few hours ago and already the sun is high over golden soy-bean fields…

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