Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Of Glimmers and God's Love

Can ever a song be written?
Or ever a poem penned?
Can ever our vision capture
The fullness of love without end?
Even the ocean-cradle
Or star-spangled galaxy
Are infinitesimal glimmers
Of God’s love for you and me

Can ever thought imagine
Or begin to comprehend
The height, depth and circumference
Of God’s love without end?
Since that cry “it is finished”
Lost, sin-cursed human race
Can freely claim the pardon
Of His forgiving grace

Can ever we understand it?
How I AM left His throne
Putting on flesh God became Lamb
Our sin-debt to atone
Can ever we cease to tell it?
No never, no never enough!
The wonderful, incomprehensible
Eternal Savior’s love

© Janet Martin

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