Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thinking About Writing a Wedding Speech

How does one write
One’s heart in a speech
To you, who has lived our real laughter and tears?
How does one spill
On patient page
Love’s element of vapor years

Our home was no
Glossy center-fold
Of picture-perfect rooms and such
But somehow between
Life's clutter and muddle
It was perfect beneath love’s gracious touch

Memories grow
More beautiful with time
Etched on Bygone’s winnowing heart-beat
And dear daughter, in spite
Of love’s fumbles and stumbles
I pray your memories of home will be sweet

How does one write
Heart-tugs in ink
As we try to reconcile Time’s subtle flow
See? Already
Dusk’s eager brink
Inhales the morning’s after-glow

How does one shape
In word the thought
Aching where countless echoes spill
It seems the essence
Of my love
Is something that evades my quill

© Janet Martin

My folder is always close by, catching those 1:00 a.m. or middle of canning revelations:) It has been a 'fruitful', exhausting week.


  1. What a display! Everything looks so delicious. But what an awful lot of work; and in the midst of canning and such you're taking care of wedding preparations and writing poetic speeches..amazing. You're pretty great, Janet.

  2. :) Thank-you. My kids would tell you mom's a little 'spaced out' at times. The only thing left in my garden to can are the tomatoes and those might simply be chucked into the freezer until after the wedding.This summer has definitely been a blur but a good one, a really, really good one.


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