Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Of Filament and Free-fall

Brooding breeze like melodies
of distant stream flows through the trees
as marigold in bold festoon
embellishes the afternoon
where wistful tone of willow moans
shedding its first free-fall of tears
and moments run beneath the sun
shaping the filament of years

Sumac wild-fire obscures cricket choir
collaborating; indolent quagmire  
of patient prelude to summer subdued
and innocence lost in its tune
as magenta dusk and dewy musk
mingle, a dissonant duet
of poplar tress and tear-caress
in twilight’s bluesy silhouette

 where you and I beneath a sky
of timeless Time ponder the why  
and wherefore of a wide-flung door
leading into forevermore
from this kaleidoscope of hope
and moment joy and sorrow
caught in between what once has been
and mystery of the morrow

© Janet Martin


  1. Lovely lovely...

    I love the phrase 'bold festoon'.

    That perfectly describes a bouquet of sunflowers I received today (pics posted on my blog).

    Will you come and see my bold festoon?


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