Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A New Day Dawns

A new day dawns
Imprint upon
The diary
Of summer’s page
We love and learn
Its no return
Preserved within
Past’s ageless age

The plaintive plea
Of memory
Consoles and torments
Wave on wave
Sweet is the hour
‘Neath summer’s bower
Before the winter
And the grave

The flower’s mirth
Returns to earth
Such is the way
Of grass and men
We till its soil
Of troubled toil
Before we join
Its ranks again

Tempest and calm
Flow from the Palm
Of Providence
Darlings of grace
A new day dawns
Urging us on
In one day nearer
To God’s face

© Janet Martin


  1. I loved playing the video while reading the poem.

    Very nice.


  2. Thank-you Sherry and Sue! And Sue, who doesn't love a sea-song? Thank-you for your words of appreciation;)

  3. I saw the link to your posting on FB and put it on my timeline.

    Refreshing video...loved hearing the waves.

    Love the line: one day nearer to God's face. Yes!

  4. It's the best sound, I think. sometimes I'll turn t on in the winter when the winds are howling. The link is on FB?! cool:)


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