Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ephemeral Immortality

Photo: Rushing to see what lies beyond the bend...

We were immortal
You and I
The universal equalizer
Was the alibi
Of those who simply
Let it slip
Youth’s effervescent thread
Would never
Languish in our grip
That is what we said

But Time is a great Teacher
Its lessons
Keen and hard
Instructing mortal creature
With blatant
For illusions of stubborn pride
Or foolish wantonness
It draws us in an ethereal tide
And bittersweet

We thought we were immortal
We were wrong
The echo of youth’s fancy-free
A jaded song
For we have joined
The meeker ranks
Of middle-age
Where now we turn
With humble thanks
Gifted page

…but when we were immortal
It was bliss
The lure of life’s eternity
A rousing kiss
Spawning the dream
That taught us how
To fly with blind-faith trust
But now we see
Life’s little
Dust to dust

For Time is a wise Teacher
She tutors patiently
Each child; we all are children
In lessons
On her knee
And she does not play favorites
Nor spare one from her touch
As we learn to live, laugh and love
And not
So much

© Janet Martin

I have another photo I took moments before this one with another story attached to it.


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