Monday, February 11, 2013

Touch Me...a Love in Marriage Poem


Touch me
Touch me with your eyes
The gap twixt you and I
Trembles with the fullness
Of love’s hard truths realized
Experience; years in learning
Kindles a keener spark
For love is more than reckless
Stolen kisses in the dark

Touch me
Touch me with your thought
Past warmth of pulsing skin
To the person, not of flesh
That I am from within
For time, a patient teacher
Wields love’s refining tool
And we are willing students
Testing, breaking every rule

Touch me
Oh, touch me with your hands
There is no restriction
No restraint or reprimand
In love’s pure invitation
Of passion’s purposed honor
Reserved implicitly
For one unto the other
Shared only twixt me and thee

Touch me
Darling, touch me with your lips
And whisper word for word
The hunger in your finger-tips
And longing’s oceans stirred
Then kiss me, kiss me slowly
Where inhibitions hide
Kiss away the willfulness
Protecting foolish pride

Touch me
Touch me with your loving smile
The kind that understands
The beauty of love’s chapters
Etched into enduring hands
Committed to its promise
That joined us heart to heart
'to love each other faithfully
until death do us part'

© Janet Martin


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