Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Of Hallmarks and Honor

No one but God beholds the field
Where our keen wars are fought
The clash of wrong and right concealed
On battlegrounds of thought

No fellow-soldier cheers us on
Though skirmishes are rough
Our battle is beheld by One
And yet, that is enough

The aftermath of mind-fought wars
Tenders its casualties
Into the crypt of Time before
Immortal victories

No pennants of fair fame applaud
Our fetes fervid and grand
Thought-valor is beheld by God
Our trophy in His hand

For none but He beholds the plain
Where conflicts wage and groan
As demon-enemies are slain
And armies overthrown

The medal of thought-honor gleams
Not from podium or shelf
But as our kind Captain esteems
The battle-ground of self

© Janet Martin

Thank-you Cynthia, for the Old Rugged Cross coaster.

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