Monday, February 4, 2013

Mothers and Fellers

It's Children's Hour at Poetic Bloomings

Mother tells me to clean my ears
To eat my greens
To wash my face
Mother tells me to pick up my toys
Be nice to my sister
And put things back in place

Mother tells me that worms ain’t fer pockets
And mother tells me
To let the frog go
Mother tells me I’m growin’ too fast
But I think I’m growin’
Awfully slow

Mother tells me to shush, baby’s sleepin’
But I was simply
Chasin’ my ball
Sometimes I think that mothers and fellers
Really don’t understand
Each other at all

Mother tells me to mind my manners
She tells me its bedtime
When it’s quarter-past noon
She says do your homework
Do your best, and remember
You’re gonna be a man someday soon

Mother tells me I’m her little sunshine
She tousles my hair
An’ hugs me real tight
She makes my favorite fruit cobbler for dinner
And she doesn’t scold me
When I snitch a wee bite

At bedtime she listens
And I tell her my thinkin’s
She smiles and tucks me in with my football
Well, maybe, perhaps mothers understand fellers
Just a weeny-teeny little bit
After all

© Janet Martin

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