Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It is not Dead

It is not dead…

Beneath the hush
Of powdered brush

Beneath the shield
Of glistening field

Beneath the shroud
Of flurried cloud

Beneath the dark
Of frost-clenched bark

Beneath the plume
Of snowflake-bloom

Beneath the sheaf
Of fallen leaf

Beneath the shrine
Of argent pine

Beneath the glow
Of virgin snow

Beneath the gleam
Of frigid stream

Beneath the knell
Of gilded dell

...It is not dead

Beneath the white-washed winter slope
Waits the resurgence of  Spring’s Hope



  1. Thank-you Lucy. I enjoyed a bit of quiet writing time today:) It was nice.

  2. I dream of apple trees... beautiful, Poignant.

  3. It's that tug-of-war taunting...the froth of winter or the flaunt of spring.:)

  4. Splendid and beautiful. I love the photography, too. But your words draw me in. x


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