Tuesday, November 13, 2012

To my Son/Children...Don't Forget

They say that *‘life is what happens
If that is so, then son, I know
That soon you'll be a man

So before you discover
That you want to fly away
Will you listen for a moment
There are some things I want to say…

Don’t forget to live while you’re dreaming
But dream while you’re living too
Don’t forget to pray because above all others
My son, God loves you

And remember, for every choice we make
There is a consequence
And for every temptation come what may
There is a sure Defense

My dearest son, it’s a big, big world
Yet oh, so very small
Fix your hope above this scope
Of temperamental brawl

And don’t forget when the world is dark
And you feel all alone
I am as close as the front porch light
Or a telephone
And someday when you are so busy
Marveling at time’s swift flight
Don’t forget to call your mother
Even if its just to say 'good-night'
And don't forget, that in her prayers
She always holds you tight

© Janet Martin

Matthew was recalling some times we had when 'he was little'...
and that *quote hit me.

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