Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Harrisham Rhyme

 Poetic Bloomings invites us to attempt the Harrisham Rhyme.
The Harrisham Rhyme was created by Harrisham Minhas, of Punjab, India. It consists of one six-line rhyming stanza.  In this form, the last letter of the first word of each line becomes the first letter of the first word of the next line.
Rhyme scheme : ababab

God loved me so much, when He gave me you
Darling, you put a smile on my face
Grant it; of love’s struggles, we’ve had a few
Testing love’s tender embrace
Grace and forgiveness are heaven-spilled glue
Essential to keep a marriage in place

© Janet Martin

This is fun…I’ll try another

Duty may lecture and tasks may compile
Yet Muse keeps wheedling her bait
Taunting and teasing, words beg and beguile
Goading my love and my hate
…gentle persuasion and poetry smile
Everything else can wait…

© Janet Martin

…but only for so long! I’m fall-cleaning the living-room today. That must be done before we may set up the tree.

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