Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank-you Lord

Thank-you Lord, glad morning conquers
The restrictions of the deep
Where the blush of dawn’s awakening
Bleeds across the gleaming sweep
Of moments rendered to the harvest
As our stumbling follies plead
For your grace to fill our fumbling
And Your mercy for our need

Thank-you Lord, our vague perception
Cannot grasp your utter worth
Yet we see splendor’s reflection
Fill the seasons of the earth
And we bow in humble wonder
At the miracles imbued
Within each picture-frame of nature
In the storm; the solitude

Thank-you Lord, music of heaven
Spills across the universe
Where our mortal being suffers
In the vale of Adam’s curse
But, we do not suffer hopeless
Holy love flings wide the door
Where your goodness and your mercy
In abundant rivers pour

Thank-you Lord, you do not leave us
To the wages we have earned
But in love, Lord You receive us
We, who Your perfection spurned
For our feeble understanding
Cannot know Your holy will
Yet, in spite of our confusion
Thank-you Lord, You love us still

© Janet Martin I listened to this wonderful composition, I could not contain my praise!

Thank-you Lord.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate today. May it be a season not of calendar-number but of the heart.

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