Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank-you for Those Things We Never Know

 (my cousin had this picture in her room when I was a wee, wee girl and this is what I visualize when I think about guardian angels)

My hubby just called. He is in northern a blizzard. He was up all night getting his truck(loaded with cattle) out of a ditch where he nearly rolled it! He said it was SO close, but he and the livestock are okay now and waiting out the storm. Praying for all the 'trucker-daddies' today.AND all the busy tow-truck drivers. what would we do without you?

Thank-you God for all those times
we grumble, fret and chafe
unaware of angels
you have sent to keep us safe

We see but with the naked eye
and we will never grasp
how oft Your tender mercy
intervenes on our behalf

Janet Martin~


  1. Janet, so happy your husband is all right. You know, when I see trucks I now often think of your family, remembering how hard this labor is, both for the drivers and those who wait for them. God bless and a belated Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank-you. Your thoughts and kind words are always deeply appreciated.

    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving as well! WE had 2 weeks of fantastic weather. Today it has taken a dip, but suddenly the day is bright because I know hubby is alright!

    thank-you again. Be well and safe.

  3. Yes, I am so glad he's okay. I love that picture.

  4. Janet, so happy that your hubby is alright. My Mother had this picture in her bedroom too.

  5. Thank-you Lucy and Rosemary. He is hoping to re-load and be on the road again this morning if the roads are open.

  6. What a scary experience for him, Janet. I agree about guardian angels...and your poem says it all! (I love the picture. That is what I picture too.)

  7. Thank-you Mary. He tried calling a bit ago but we lost connection. He IS driving again so that is good. He will be so tired when he gets home tomorrow!


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