Friday, November 16, 2012

So Others May See You

Poetics Aside Prompt: Use the last line of yesterday’s poem for the first line of today’s poem.

Oh God, you give us Life
And for our hatred Love
Into the darkness of our minds

Scoff at our holy claim
For they have not yet come to know

Oh God, we are not judges
But You alone can see
You behold the heart of me

And I have but one prayer Lord
That I lift up to You
May You behold a heart of love

© Janet Martin

Last night my son and I were having a conversation as he was battling with feelings of being judged unfairly by what another person assumed, and we came to the conclusion that all we can give in return is forgiveness and grace, the thing we hope to receive when we err because without meaning to we all are guilty of assumptions or judgments occasionally. But it is love and only love that we are called to do.

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