Friday, November 30, 2012

November Dirge

Tonight when the twilight
Slips over the day
You will be gone
Your bleak robe of gray
Tucked in beneath
Your discourse spent
The earth a vale
Of abandonment
Withered leaves scuttle
Through alley and park
Wood-smoke spirals
Into deep blue dark
And the grim breeze wanders
Its indifference
Restless with winter’s
Keen imminence

Tonight when lights dim
You will slip from earth’s stage
Beyond subtle scrim
Of Time’s turning page
Flinging perhaps
As you turn to go
Against darkened windows
Your kisses of snow
In unison flicker
Approach and retreat
Coalesce then you’re gone
Time’s bittersweet
Essence lingers
As the blackened sky
Claims you forever,
Good-bye, good-bye

© Janet Martin

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