Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Of Disappointment and Perspective

The sting of disappointment
Wanes as we remember
God does not see statistics
Or percentages or numbers
He is not interested
In the boast of our ‘smarts’
But rather, he searches
And knows our hearts

One cannot be
Both proud and wise
There is nothing hidden
From our Maker’s eyes
The boast of the mouth
Reveals many flawed parts
But God knows the truth

The sting of disappointment
Is not quite so sharp
A foolish man looks
In the mirror and forgets
That God sees beyond
The face on his head

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet,
    This is beautiful and so revealing and true! We just need to remember the invisible is the most important ;D @>-------------

  2. Thankfully God does see beyond.

    I think your third line is missing the word "not", is it not? :)

  3. Ella, thank-you:)

    ..and TUG, thank-you for noticing the missing word:)


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