Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Forever and Ever, Amen

They can ban Him from the shopping malls
From politics and schools
They can clamor for free speech
Saying He goes against its rules
While they shout false acclamations
In their efforts to destroy
I simply want to tell them
They can never steal our Joy

They can say it’s just a story
‘Bout an ordinary man
Jesus didn’t come from glory
To fulfill salvation’s plan
And while they pile, compile their lies
Above earth’s highest slope
I simply need to tell them
They can never steal our Hope

I AM is not some common thing
Mortal can over-throw
He cannot be abolished
Just because we say it’s so
I AM abides; His power reigns
Beneath, around, above
And in spite of their vilest claims
They cannot steal His Love

They can’t take Christ from Christmas
Laws, ramparts won’t keep Him out
They cannot banish Jesus Christ
Though they may scream and shout
I AM prevails; no law detains
What His Spirit imparts
Joy, Hope and Love ever remains
In true believers hearts

© Janet Martin

...for thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory
Forever and ever,

Matthew 6:13

I was at a lovely Christmas Tea this morning and someone mentioned that a local LARGE shopping mall declined to display the Nativity Scene. After a public out-cry from believer's and the fear of losing business, the Nativity Scene is in place:)
I'm so glad that whether it is there or not, They can never stop Christmas! Happy Holiday will pass, as all things temporal...but NEVER Christmas. Hallelujah!

The out-cry for preservation is not for our satisfaction
We believe, and therefore are compelled to take action
Not with violence, but with love and prayer
for our children, and their children
because we care...


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