Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At the Mercy of the Muse...

Enchanting insanity
Double-edged bliss
Of tormenting misery
Disguised in a kiss
…that kiss leaves me wanting
And hungry for more
So I reach for the taunting
Where mysteries implore
As I grasp for its drenching
I resist, then beseech
The lyrical quenching
Just beyond my reach…

I cannot bear it
And oh, yet I must 
Fling into the air its
Glitter of dust
Beguiling whisper
Driving me mad
But if she should leave me
I would be so sad
For Muse is a soul-mate
With venomous kiss
Muse is a lover
Of bittersweet bliss

© Janet Martin

Alexandria, it really is a doubled-edge brutal bliss:)


  1. Indeed it is a brutal bliss and I follow and fall in her luster so often.

  2. Its so nice to know we are not alone;) Thank-you TUG.


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