Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Day is Born

Even now it starts to steal
Up from the abstract brink
Where Time upon its obscure reel
Issues another wink

The frozen tree etched flawlessly
On back-drops of Unknown
Stands small in nature’s deity
Stripped of its gracious crown

The hush of deep-night slumbering
Fades now as duty’s feet
In rush of moment-numbering
Hastens into the street

The moon recedes into the west
As from the softened east
Flows mercy’s faithful promises
Compassion’s moment-feast

And where by night our song had died
It rekindles the morn
As out across the country-side
Another day is born

© Janet Martin

Poetics Aside Prompt: Birth Poem.
(I had a little chuckle because I wrote this poem and the one above it before I checked out the prompt. 'That was easy,' I laughed as I saw the topic:)

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