Tuesday, November 20, 2012

...and the Housewife Dances and Sings

At first glance
The moments at hand appear
filled with the
seemingly mundane
of laundry heaps and dirty dishes
Of rooms to tidy
and again…

But the moments at hand
Are not what they appear
at first glance
They speak of
hands to hold,
bodies to embrace
and memories to fold
The seemingly mundane
puts a smile on my face

…because it speaks of love
And God’s bountiful grace

...so I dance and I sing
To clean up love's crumbs is a beautiful thing

Thank-you God.

© Janet Martin

Okay, I have to confess; the crumbs and clutter caught me sighing a little until Someone convicted me to scrutinized them more closely…oh. Yes. They are beautiful love-crumbs!


  1. This made me tear up a bit...I so relate. What a great reminder and attitude adjuster. An excellent perspective--felt convicted :-)

  2. Thank-you Jennifer...it does take a fresh perspective on some days doesn't it?


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