Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forever God

Turn of the volume...sing it out!

On the throne
Above the ages
There abides
Eternal Truth
On the earth
Eden’s curse rages
As we suffer
Sin’s abuse
Fear and failure
Spill their anguish
On the cold
And calloused sod
Grace and mercy
Never languish
He is God

Time reveals
Truth’s certain harvest
Sinful seeds
Bear consequence
But the Father
Of compassion
Ever pleads
In our defense
Death would be
Our sure damnation
But for heaven’s
Tender rod
Our sin
For His salvation
What a Savior
What a God

No cross of earth
Is foreign to Him
For the cross
Of Calvary
Bore affliction,
Slain Perfection;
Fear not, fear not
Oh troubled traveler
For wherever
We may trod
God is still
Holy, immortal
And forever
Ever God

In His hands
He holds time’s morsel
We are not
Damned to the grave
Perfect Love will
Conquer evil
He is mightier
To save
Come, join the throng
Of hallelujahs
Nature swells
In joyful laud
As we exalt
Master, Creator
Alpha and Omega

© Janet Martin

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