Friday, October 26, 2012

An Evening Prayer

 In St. Jacobs, Ont. the church bells peal out across the town, those precious, timeless hymns. (at 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m.)

Dear Lord, before I lay me down to sleep
A thousand thoughts un-uttered press and plead
And though my soul is safe within Thy keep
And though I know Thou knowest every need
I have of Thee;  let me not seek slumber’s release
Without first lifting up my heart to Thee
In humble gratitude; Thy mercies never cease
In spite of vile, wretched humanity

In spite of mankind’s crass ingratitude
In spite of our vanity and lust
Each morning still Thy mercy is renewed
And love forgives our scrimmages of dust
Like dazzling dew, grace spills its mystery
In rampant glory on earth’s dark facade
Thou dost not leave us fumbling hopelessly
Lighting the Way that leads to Thee, oh God

Seasons do not resist Thee nor rebel
Nature submits to Thy holy command
Time labors on earth’s harsh four-season swell
And man will choose to trust or test the Hand
That holds all things in pure, perfect control
And though we do not do the good we should
Still, Thou hast made a way for every soul
To be saved by the power in Thy blood

The rich, the poor, Lord, none escapes Thy gaze
There is no good or evil hid from Thee
Though we will never understand Thy ways
Lord, teach us how to trust unwaveringly
And Lord, before I lay me down to sleep
I pray that all would come to know Thy love
And rest assured within Thy tender keep
Until we meet in glory-lands above

© Janet Martin

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