Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New Beautiful

Yes, the week has succeeded in almost stripping this tree...It's next robe will be white:) The air has a 'white' feel to it this morning.

Do not weep
Though what we had
Has softly slipped away
We cannot keep
Within our hand
One jot of yesterday
But, oh my love
Within our hearts
We hold its echo fast
For sorrow’s joy
That day imparts
Is soon a shadow cast
But just as beauty
Fades away
And summer becomes fall
So, my love
Is this new day
A whole new ‘beautiful’

The canvas on
Which time is breathed
Is graciously imbued
With glorious dawn
And gentle eve
In twilight’s solitude
And though its eager
Fingers clench
Time’s ever-hastening hour
We smile
For it can never quench
The bud that holds the flower
Though it cannot
Revive the bloom
Of summer’s bountiful
It spreads across
Earth’s living-room
A whole new beautiful

© Janet Martin

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