Monday, August 13, 2012

Through Night's Charcoal Awning

It seeps through the night's charcoal awning 
From heaven’s tender-hearted embrace
Unwrapped in a merciful dawning
Another day of grace

He does not withhold His compassion
But unfurls His love from the deeps
In His infinite grace without ration
As through night’s charcoal awning it seeps

And though mortal heartache and sorrow
May yet trouble this sin-cursed sod
We lift our hearts and we borrow
New strength from a most gracious God

…for through midnight’s charcoal awning
His wonder and glory seep
Fading the dark from day’s dawning
And spilling His grace from the deep

© Janet Martin

I was heading to the garden to pick our corn…the sunrise breathed a new day of grace and hope into my soul as my heart leaped with praise for His loving kindness.

Yesterday's cares, failures, triumphs are yesterday! this is a brand new day waiting to be experienced for Him!


  1. "We lift our hearts and we borrow
    New strength from a most gracious God"

    We do really lean on and borrow don't we? Maybe that's why we feel such joy when giving back. :)

  2. TUG, always so much wisdom from you...I've never thought about tit that way but it really is surely so. And if we do not have that joy, what is left? Self is a very discontented employer:)

    Thank-you for all your kind thoughts! My internet is not working very well so I simply cannot write much before I lose the connection!
    Have a beautiful day in Him.


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