Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sonnet of Hope

As surely as the night falls comes the dawn
As surely as the Unknown IS the One
Frail witnesses are we of His great love
And mortal tongue can never fully tell
The wonders of His hand beneath, above
Guarding the gates to Heaven and to hell
His grace does not extend this wretched scope
For our self-destruction, but for Hope


As surely as the autumn comes the spring
We cannot bargain with the Hand of Time
The orchestra of nature’s offering
Is ordered not by law, but the Sublime
As we repeat, footfall upon foot-fall
The agonies and ecstasies of man
Progress is simply history’s recall
Of moment-breaths since time and life began
How futile is the gasp of human race
If we ignore its only Hope; His grace


As surely as the night falls comes the Dawn
Twilight is but the swansong of an hour
The bud of youth unfolds; a fragrant yawn
Before it renders to the earth its flow’r
We chase the ambient discourse of our thought
To realize what each of us must learn
The only thing of value we have got
Is Now; we tread a path of no return
But still the Hand remains that formed this scope
Of day and night; of death and life and Hope

© Janet Martin

My thoughts and prayers are with a friend facing some heavy 'unknowns' .
Can you pray on her behalf ?
God fills in the blanks of what I am unable to share.

Love you, G.

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