Thursday, August 30, 2012

Of Having and Holding

It is not so much
The longing for your touch
Or your whisper in my thought
Of all that is not
That drives me mad

It’s the ache of knowing
Life’s having and holding
Has no intention of slowing
Or returning again
What once we had


There are no 'second firsts'.
Enjoy the first you are in
for this day will never pass again:) dance in the day God brought ya'

Good Morning!
It's good to see you here!
Hope your day is a good one:)


  1. Yuriy: The first is always best - at least it holds us to the last - the last long second. : )

  2. ....AND, firsts we recognize; lasts we often do not!

  3. Yuriy: ... for the lasts seem to me to be continuations of the firsts, so they cycle - pins and spins of spans.

  4. Yuriy, it reminds of the circle you speak of in one of your comments on your blog. I love it, a 'last' naturally spawns a 'first'.


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