Saturday, August 11, 2012

Noon-day Lullaby...( Song of August Rain)

Oh hear the tap-tap-tapping of ten-thousand tiny feet
A lithesome dance of merriment on rooftop, hill and street
As rivers smooth earth’s dust-bowl gleam
Beneath a fleet-footed regime  
And farmers re-ignite their dream within its welcome beat

Now high, now low its melody races against the glass
Now fast, now slow a sweeping sea washes the trampled grass
A rushing, gushing lullaby
Liquid percussion from the sky
Twinkle in the lily’s eye and nectar in her flask

Smile to the pit-pit-patter of each dripping, slipping note
Oh, let your sorrows scatter; tuck them in a birch-leaf boat
Dance to the thrumming, strumming glee
Of heaven’s happy symphony
A splashing, dashing melody in silver overcoat

© Janet Martin


  1. Gushing good. Your poems are a treat!
    So Good you are back. Thank God you write.

    I marvel at your way with words.I see a very beautiful mind there spilling ink to heal :)

    Your poems lead my thoughts up the paths of beauty. You inspire as much as you rejuvenate. Its a treat to be with you awhile each time in your line of thought!

  2. Grace, Your words are so very encouraging! I'm glad you liked this poem. i had fun with it, writing it in my head one night while the rain danced on our cottage roof.


Thank you always for your visit and your thoughts.