Thursday, August 2, 2012


On some days the poet’s words
Flow smooth; effortlessly
Thought in sync with scripted ink
In willing poetry

But on some days thought seals its voice
Within a frozen quill
And we must pause; we have no choice
But to listen and be still

On some days, oh God, our praise
Flows warm; effortlessly
As we behold your rod of gold
And gifts borne easily

But on some day it seems our praise
Spills in the tears that glisten
While You beseech and gently teach
Us to be still and listen

© Janet Martin


  1. Ps 46:10 is one of my fav verses.

    "Thought in sync with scripted ink", I like.

    Nice pic too!

  2. Thank-you. That verse has long been a fav. The picture was taken the other night at moon-rise.


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