Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh, What Then?

We observe in astonishment
Man’s newest accomplishment
And wonder what will follow
Scientists place
Their cameras in space
As we glimpse infinity’s hollow
Medicine keeps the dying alive
But no matter how we study and strive
We cannot touch the order
Of God-ordained things
Or alter the courses
His authority brings
Mornings will ever succeed the night
Two wrongs will never make a right
We all get older with each passing hour
And none are exempt from His grace or His power
No one can order the rain from the sky
There is no invention so we will not die
We cannot shuffle seasons in nature or man
Or rearrange one molecule of His plan
For He IS God, we are merely men
We are born, we die; and oh, what then?

Perhaps we ought to take a closer look
At His Word and teaching of His Book
For nothing will happen that He has not told
His truths are unfolding since centuries of old
Knowledge is admiral; His gift to men
But if we ignore the Giver; oh, what then?

© Janet Martin

Outer space images fill me with utter wonderment and awe!
How GREAT is our God.
He has given men the knowledge to glimpse infinity, but we CANNOT add one jot to TIME!

Time is a wee capsule...what then?
Oh, that's right! Eternity.
But His Book shows us the way to Him eternally. He did not leave us as sheep without a Shepherd for He IS love.

Just as I Am- B.J. Thomas

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  1. I agree with you 100%, Janet. "But if we ignore the Giver; oh what then?" Death will find us all.


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